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How to Help

You can help by volunteering your time and energy to help those in need. You don’t need any special requirements to participate other than a willingness and desire to make your community a better place. Your age doesn’t matter for participating. Although this site is directed towards teens and young adults, we welcome all ages young and old alike.

If you have a specific interest, talent or hobby put it to work by contacting us and we will find a volunteer opportunity based on your criteria. Some examples: working with children, the elderly, disabled, animals, cooking, music, writing, crafts, office functions and much more. The list is endless.

If you don’t think you have a skill to offer, please contact us anyway. There is something out there that will satisfy every person.

Simply click on "Contact Us" at the top of the page with your areas of interest, questions or to join in an upcoming event.

Your time spent volunteering is invaluable and the rewards are abundant.

(Poem written by friends when Joe was in the hospital)

Jubilant smiles fill our hearts with JOY
Outstanding friend, son, brother, grandson, cousin, newphew
Enjoyable company

Profound character
Goes ten rounds and still fighting strong
Everlasting memories